Five Reasons To Use Hemp Oil To Treat Dry Skin In Children

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With the weather getting colder dry skin in children is a common occurrence. Sometimes its hard to find the skin care product that can help make a difference because dealing with dry skin is a tricky affair. If you have tried almost all the products on the market with little success, then you should give hemp oil a try. Keep browsing to find out why you should use hemp oil over other products like coconut oil for dry skin.

It Doesn’t Clog Pores

Hemp oil is noncomedogenic which is an excellent thing. In simple terms, this means that it doesn’t clog pores even with acne prone skin. Products like coconut oil are moderately comedogenic meaning that their chances of clogging your kid’s pores.

More Essential Fatty Acids

Are you aware? Hemp seed oil is made up of nearly eighty-five percent EFAs or essential fatty acids. In fact, it is the wealthiest and most balanced source of essential fatty acids. EFAs play a crucial role in tackling dryness and helping in preventing premature aging. Furthermore, hemp oil has a great balance of omega three and omega six, unlike coconut oil.

Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties

small bottle of oiulSince hemp oil is absorbed into the skin faster than coconut oil, it reduces inflammation quickly. Those who have used hemp oil to fight dryness and itchiness will admit that it soothers the skin longer compared to coconut oil. Other hemp oil users also claim that it is beneficial in relieving the skin of conditions like psoriasis or eczema.

Its Absorbed Faster Compared to Coconut Oil

Another benefit of having lots of fatty of EFAs is that the oil gets absorbed into the skin at a faster rate compared to coconut oil. Hemp oil feels light from the sin and is absorbed faster. The best thing about hemp oil is that it can be used even with makeup. Our skin will just drink it up. If you use hemp oil with essential oils on your kid’s arms, shoulders, legs you will see a huge difference.

It is Sustainable

women with shadesIf you are environmentally conscious and you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible then applying hemp oil on your kid’s skin will prove to be a better decision compared to coconut. The hemp plant is dense meaning that it only requires a little space to thrive. It is resistant to many pests, and you don’t need to use toxic chemical herbicides. The plant suppresses the growth of other plants that try to grow around it. Hemp plant proliferates and can be produced in the same fields for many years compared to different types of plants.

You can use hemp oil internally or topically to treat dry skin in children. Skin care experts recommend that you use it as a moisturizer. You should splash hot water on your kid’s face and body before massaging the oil gently into their skin. Afterwards, use a towel to dry it off. So if you have never tried hemp oil to treat dry skin then its time to give it a try.

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With the weather getting colder dry skin in children is a common occurrence. Sometimes its hard to find the skin…