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Traditional mercury and alcohol baby thermometers are no longer available in the market. There are more modernized thermometer types available which are much easier to use and more accurate. They are mostly used by pediatricians by placing the thermometer against the infant’s temple or in the ear to get a reading. It is always important to carefully read the instructions on an infant thermometer to ensure accurate reading and ease of use.

Types of infant thermometers

Digital probe thermometerthermometer

This model is commonly used by pediatricians. It is considered the best choice due to its accuracy and ease of use. It has modernized features such as clear instructions, clear display, easily replaceable battery andĀ preferred size. Readings are gotten in a very short time, usually less than ten seconds through oral, anal and armpits. It is the most affordable infant thermometer.

Tympanic (ear) thermometer

This model uses infrared rays to get an infant’s body temperature readings through the ear canal. It requires a very precise positioning to get an accurate reading. It, however, have some limitations, for instance, they cannot be used on infants who are less than six months old due to the size of their ear canals. They are preferred because they are less invasive than the Probe thermometers and are quicker. However, for a more accurate reading, it is not advisable to get temperature readings through the ear.

Forehead (temple) thermometers

This model also uses an infrared scanner to get a temperature reading from the temporal artery of the infant’s forehead. They are noninvasive, quick and very accurate although this has not been verified yet. They are not considered the best for infants under the age of three months because they are not very easy to use.

Temperature strips

This is mainly a strip made of plastic with crystals that change color when subjected to some specific degree of an infant’s body temperature. They are very easy to operate, but the readings are not very accurate.

Alcohol and mercury thermometers

These models contain a silvthermometerer-gray liquid metal (mercury) or red colored alcohol. They are used mostly for first aid but not by pediatricians. They are considered to be affordable and more accurate but are a lot slower in taking temperature readings from an infant’s body. They are high-risk gadgets, therefore need careful handling to avoid breakage which can cause poisoning.

These are the various types of thermometers you can use on your infants to know their temperature at any given time.

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